The system itself is very simple. Just an Arduino Mega, a GPS, a GPRS Shield and an SD Card. This one is optional but I included because I thought in launching a challenge to my friends in Facebook, they call the system and get an SMS with my position or my last known position.

The system is always searching for the actual position. If someone calls the number of the SIM card, the system will send an SMS with the actual position and with a link to google maps. For example:

Sumesh’s location is now: Lat: 31.556486, Log: 75.915915.,+75.915915

If the GPS is not receiving any position, the system will send the last known position. For Example:

I can not seem to find Sumesh. Last time that I’ve saw him, was in: Lat: 32.556487, Log: 76.915919. q=31.556486,+76.915919

The date, time, position and SMS status are then stored in the SD Card.

Isn’t Amazing !


I used:

  • 1x Arduino MEGA
  • 1x GPRS Shield (It is also possible to use other GSM shields available in the market)
  • 1x GPS (I used the NEO 6, very popular in ebay)
  • 1x SD Card Shield
  • 1x 9V Battery
  • 1x Plastic Box
  • Some wires



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