Snap Circuits – Introduction


What Are Snap Circuits?

Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! Learn how to use integrate Snap Circuits with your hardware. Fun for kids!


I discovered these several years ago in a learning store. My kids love these and find them very easy to use and easy to learn from. If your not familiar with what they are or how they work take a look at the Snap Circuits® web site.

Basically, the electrical components are mounted on a plastic module and snap together with ease to form circuits. Each module is clearly labeled and colored to easily match it to the circuit building instructions.

Several of my children started using these as early as 5 years of age. In fact, my seven year old is my tester for these projects!

Snap Circuits® come in a variety of sets with hundreds of projects.

<strong><h3>What is the Purpose of These Projects?</h3></strong>

The set of projects I have posted will help young children explore the world of electronics safely and easily using Snap Circuits and the Arduino Uno, the Particle Photon and the Raspberry Pi 2.


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